upenn specialized studies

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    Do Penn's specialized studies or DIY?

    I applied this past cycle and received one interview. Stats: cGPA 3.51, sGPA 3.28, 500. So basically, I am deciding whether I want to do a formal post bacc program, like Penn's, or maybe even PCOM's or Tulane's MS programs, or should I not risk the possibility of doing poorly (also money...
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    Post Bac Advice for a New Pre Med (recent post bac grads please!)

    Hey SDN! So long story short this summer I switched from Pre Dent to Pre Med lol and am in my senior year of undergrad. I am estimating that I will be graduating with a 3.4 cGPA and 3.2sGPA and was hoping to enroll in a post baccalaureate program for the first year of my 2 gap years in order to...
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    Help deciding between EVMS, Case Western, and UPenn post bac programs

    I was recently accepted to the UPenn specialized studies, Case Western masters in physiology, and EVMS medical masters programs. A four-year varsity athlete, I graduated from an ivy three years ago with a BA in Biology and 2.85 cGPA. Recently I completed my final two prerequisites from extension...