1. S

    SLU vs Upstate

    Hi all! My SO and I both got into SLU while he got into his state school, Upstate, and I got on the High Priority Alternate list (HPA). We will for sure be going to the same school. SLU Pros we did undergrad in STL (already familiar and like it and would not have to move) closer to my family...
  2. M

    Switch to in-state tuition at SUNY Upstate?

    I have been accepted to Upstate Medical University, and I really like the school. But I'm out of state and tuition is crazy high: $66k. I have read around the internet that it may be possible to switch to in-state tuition after your first year, which is a much more reasonable $45k. Can anyone...
  3. F

    Upstate 2016-2017 HPA and waitlist

    Since I know many of us on the HPA or waitlist for upstate are nervous about it, I created this forum so that we can get a better idea of how big the HPA or waitlsit is and if it starts moving. Please feel free to also post any relevant information in this forum
  4. S

    SUNY Buffalo (Jacobs) vs. SUNY Upstate

    I was wondering if I could get any input from current or past students on either of these schools. I think they are both great schools and are both similar in terms of location and academics. Anyone have any input that can help me make my decision? Thanks!
  5. Jericho91

    SUNY School Rankings *BUMP*

    Howdy lady and gents I have not been on this forum in a few weeks (finally had some stuff to contribute recently). I am a Cali resident but I have been invited to interviews in 3 SUNY Schools (Upstate, Stony Brook, Downstate). I want to attend at least 2 in 1 trip but let's see how scheduling...