SLU vs Upstate

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Mar 7, 2018
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Hi all! My SO and I both got into SLU while he got into his state school, Upstate, and I got on the High Priority Alternate list (HPA). We will for sure be going to the same school.

  • we did undergrad in STL (already familiar and like it and would not have to move)
  • closer to my family in Chicago
  • school seems focused on reducing stress for students
  • new hospital ready for our M3

  • worried that SLU is overshadowed by WashU
  • probation (and apparently they're broke?)

  • his state school so less expensive
  • possibility of me getting instate residency as well
  • only medical institution in Syracuse
  • also has new hospital/facilities
  • smaller class (130 vs 180)

  • weather
  • far from family

Summary: In terms of academics, the two schools to be pretty even and we both liked both schools when we interviewed. Cost-wise, Upstate would be slightly cheaper (combined) if I remained out of state all 4 years, but would be significantly less if I was able to get in-state tuition eventually. Going to SLU on the other hand would be a lot more convenient (location, weather, no moving, etc.)

Another thing we're wondering is how much waitlist movement happens before May? Because if I didn't hear back from Upstate by then, SO would have to give up acceptance to Upstate in order to go to SLU. Would love to hear any thoughts or advice on how to proceed.

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1. Traffic day is when you can only hold one acceptance. This leads to lots of movement on the WL.
2. The problem with that is that your SO can only hold one acceptance so it is possible that he would have to decline SLU and accept upstate if thats where both of you want to end up. However it could turn out that you do not get accepted to Upstate in which case you would have to go to SLU.
3. Dont worry about probation.
4. Dont worry about being outshined by Wash U. Upstate probably gets outshined by hofstra or any other number of Newyork schools.

How much more expensive if SLU ?
You two need to have a heart to heart where you think would be best.
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