1. T

    Try to match Urology, or go straight for OB/GYN? Advice on how to apply two specialties

    Wondering if 4th years on the interview trail or residents can give some input in regards to chances and if I should give a shot at urology. Below are some stats and info: -3rd year male osteopathic student, Step1 235, COMLEX1 520-530, 3.0 GPA, Step2 and COMLEX2 in May TBD. -3 Poster...
  2. S

    Uro vs ObGyn

  3. E

    Choosing a Residency: Ophtho vs. Urology vs. Obgyn

    Any advice would be helpful. I'm an MS3, aiming for a specialty with medicine and procedures/minor surgeries. Important to me: Patient interactions and care Lifestyle (more-so in terms of work-life balance than $)
  4. iaskdumbquestions

    Urinalysis help

    Urinalysis are not so straightforward when you're looking at a result and are the one responsible for choosing what to do with it. The more I see, the more I realize that unless it's a rip-roaring infection, and the clinical picture is hazy (or downright counterintuitive), I am not 100%...
  5. D

    Position Swap Uro Swap

    Looking to swap. I'm a PGY 1 in NYC area looking for a west coast/anywhere position for PGY2.