1. Rainbows&Waterfalls

    Is "having money" an unstated medical school pre-req?

    As my matriculation date approaches, I am beginning to think I'm "too poor" for medical school. These are merely observations, and I'll certainly still be attending, but I can't help but feel disadvantaged in many ways. Caveat: I'm low-income and first-generation, taking out the maximum cost...
  2. E

    Recent Firecracker review?!

    Has anyone used Firecracker recently who can comment on how they liked it? I feel like given my learning style I would enjoy it but at the same time I have never used pre-made flashcards before and do not know if I would like that aspect. Any comments on the program would be appreciated.
  3. FutureDO88

    USLME examination during rotations?

    Hi all, I took NBME 16 before taking the COMLEX and made a 173 and then just took NBME 17 today well after COMLEX and made a 182. My comsae score was a 445 before taking the COMLEX in case you are wondering. I was curious if anyone has taken the USLME exam during rotations and is there any...
  4. E

    Suggestion of using a Q bank during MS1?

    I am going to be an incoming student this fall and am trying to decide which q bank to use to supplement studying for classes/start prepping for board style questions. I just did a Masters program where I took anatomy, physiology, pharm and other classes I will be pretty much repeating during...
  5. D

    USMLE Just had CCS yesterday

    Just finished up step 3 yesterday, MCQs on day 1 were certainly challenging and 5 times longer stem than uworld questions. MCQs on day 2 much more doable in terms of length with moderate difficulty. The most frustrating portion for me was the CCS. I did the uworld cases about 3 times each and...
  6. MillaMi

    Worried about Uworld first pass averages.

    Hi. I am preparing for USLME. I am 2 months away from the exam. I have done uworld questions timed, random lately. about 1000 questions deep. I keep averaging 30s to 40s and sometime in the 50s. I am really worried, is 2 months enough to improve? I am using it as a learning tool but basically...