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    USMLE STEP 1...Score Release HELP!!!

    I understand that there have been delays this year in STEP 1 score releases. My following questions are due to the fact that my school must have my scores back before August 13th for my 3rd year to begin. If I were to take STEP 1 on Sunday, July 15th, 2018, should I expect to receive my score...
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    Psychiatry Residencies that accept students who have only taken the COMLEX?

    2nd year med student here interested in psych contemplating whether or not to take the USMLE. My top residency choices when 4th year comes around are at the moment the ones in NC: Duke, ECU, Wake Forest, UNC, Carolinas Medical Center (Charlotte), and MAHEC (Asheville). Does anyone have any...
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    How to study for the USMLE

    Hello everyone, It's been one year and a half since I started off this journey to the Match, and if something I've learned during this time it's about the real meaning of "helping". Ever since I began studying at Kaplan center in Chicago I could clearly understand how difficult it was to...
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    Clinical Experience query

    Is it better to go through an intermediary (AM opportunities, etc.) to arrange for a clinical experience in the US or is it more prudent to get in touch directly with the programme directors? If the latter is better please let me know where i can find a list or directory for such programmes...
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    Walk me through the Canadian licensing process!

    Family is seriously considering a move to Canada post-Trump. :) How should I go about getting my license to practice medicine in Canada? Currently a third year US allopathic student. Should I try to sit for the Canadian boards at the same time as Step 2 CK?
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    Somebody please explain these steps for me ?

    http://www.kaptestglobal.com/sites/kaptest.co.uk/files/usmle-pathway_tcm55-32072.jpg This picture shows the steps that an international medical graduate must make to become a licensed physician in the US. What i dont understand is that after "USMLE step 3" there is "Year 1 residency". But the...