usmle cs

  1. goodvibes27

    USMLE Step 2 CS: Passed. Hope my experience helps. =)

    Hi Guys! I just received my Step 2 CS score and I passed! So relieved and happy, my heart was doing backflips in the hours counting down to the result! So I thought I would share my experience and give some tips regarding how to go about CS. It's a simple exam, I do agree with that, but one...
  2. M

    Need Step 2 CS partner Austin, Texas

    hi, I am looking for someone to practice with for step 2 CS; it can be someone who has already taken or not taken CS yet.I will be in Austin from August 4th and my test date is August 15th in Houston. Please respond if interested.
  3. O

    USMLE CS partner near LA, exam early august

    Hi! I am looking for a live SP in the area of LA. I have my step 2 CS exam on august 6th and want to practice as much as possible. I recently did the Kaplan prep course. Hope to hear from you soon!
  4. T

    USMLE So I made a Video Course for Step 2 CS

    Hey everyone, new to studentdocnetwork. I am an attending recent residency grad. With some other attendings we made a course video course for step 2 CS. I guess I'm not allowed to put URLs in my post. :( Would love any feedback! Cheers.
  5. H

    US MD resident physician offering assistance with all parts of the USMLE, application, interview etc

    I am currently a US resident physician on "vacation". I passed all of my USMLE steps on my first attempt, graduated from a US medical school, and have another doctorate level degree in addition to my MD. I was an interviewer for two residency programs, one medical school, and another...
  6. daifu007

    USMLE Step 2 CS Fail-ICE

    Hello, I received my score for my Step 2 CS two days ago. I failed the ICE component. I had no problem with CIS and SEP. I'm so torn because I have no idea what I could have done wrong (over and over again) to fail the ICE portion and what I can do to rectify my mistakes so this doesn't happen...
  7. P

    Tutoring for STEP1, 2 CK + CS and STEP 3!

    Hey Guys! I am offering my help in preparing students for STEP 1,2 CS+CK, and STEP 3. Also, I would be able to read over your personal statements and help with elective applications and in general anything to do with American Residency applications. My scores for STEP 1 and 2- 247 and 249. I...
  8. D

    USMLE Step 2 CS IMG Philly retake

    Hi! I'm an IMG applying to retake Step 2 CS in June 2017. My original plan was to take the exam in Chicago, since I failed CS in Philly last year (ICE part). But I realised that there's no available dates in Chicago, so the only options that are left are Philly, LA, Atlanta. Can anyone help...
  9. ironman1

    CS partner in Houston needed (AMG only)

    I am taking my CS on Feb 28, 2017. Anybody in Houston want to prepare live at kaplan center or on skype please reply. We can make up the solid plan together. Thanks.
  10. C

    step 2 cs skype partner needed

    Hello everybody. I am taking the exam on Feb 10th and i would really appreciate if anyone is interested in studying with me via skype. my time is UTC -6. my exam will be in Houston. If interested pleasy reply or PM me. thanks!
  11. A

    Study partner for usmle cs

    Hi everyone, I need a study partner for usmle cs. Please contact me from my email address if you are interested. ardaakoluk99 at gmail dot com
  12. B

    Private online tutoring for step 2 CK and CS

    I'm available for in-person (based in NYC) or online tutoring. I'm experienced in tutoring and have worked with a board prep company, reviewing large medical content. My rate is $25/hr only and negotiable.
  13. D

    BOTH Looking for PE or CS study partner, early April Exam

    Hi, I am looking for an online, or live, study partner for PE or CS. My exam is during the first week of April. For online/skype/hangouts SP practice, message me. For live practice, I am located in Alabama. Thanks.