usmle step 2 cs

  1. A

    USMLE step 2 CS partner need in chicago: November 1st - 13th

    my cs is on november 14 in chicago. ill be there november 1st and looking for a serious live partner willing to put in some good work. let me know if ur interested idc if male or female skype id: adnaan.sheikh email: [email protected]
  2. C

    Rescheduling Step 2 CS with Check4Change

    I have my Step 2 CS scheduled for August 1, 2018 in Chicago. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I now need to postpone my exam to be taken on August 30, 2018 at the earliest, and November 30, 2018 at the latest. I have downloaded the Check4Change extension to my firefox browser. I am applying the...
  3. J

    Study partner for step 2 CS

    Hi, I have my Step 2 cs in 3 weeks and looking for in person preparation in New York. 2-3 times per week 2 -3 hours with cases from First Aid. We may do other days on line.
  4. 1

    USMLE Step 2CS Score Release June 28th

    Hey everyone! Who here is counting down to the opening of the CS reporting period on Wednesday June 28th? How are you all feeling???
  5. M

    Step 1, 2CK, 2CS, 3 tutoring

    Hello, I am an resident in anesthesiology at a top 10 school with step 1 > 250 step 2CK > 260, first time pass in Step 2 CS, and most recently Step 3 > 240. I have teaching experiences in Kaplan as an MCAT instructor for 3 years and writing questions for Kaplan's Step 1 Qbank. If interested, I...
  6. Targetstep2cs

    USMLE/COMLEX Free Online Video Tutorials Access for '7 Easy steps 2 CS'* 30 days $300 value

    Please enter to win - Free Online Video Tutorials Access for '7 Easy steps 2 CS'* 30 days valued at $300 value A winner will be chosen by the SDN team from those who respond to this question: Who grades the ICE component of the Step 2 CS exam ? 1. Standardized patient and physician 2...
  7. sashaMD123

    USMLE Really scared about after my step 2 CS experience

    hello guys, (yes, I just joined this forum to meet similar freaked out peers like me). I had my step 2 CS in august and I am literally freaking out after the exam. I am an international med student, have not taken my step 1 and step 2 CK and here are a couple of things I did wrong. 1-In my first...
  8. P

    I have a few questions about Step 2 CS

    1) Is it absolutely necessary to do Heart, Lung and Abdominal examination for every case? Like even for a case of migraine or tension headaches? I ask because I am seeing people (on older posts of forums) who passed and said they did CVS, Respi and Abd examination for every case regardless. 2)...
  9. B

    Private online tutoring for step 2 CK and CS

    I'm available for in-person (based in NYC) or online tutoring. I'm experienced in tutoring and have worked with a board prep company, reviewing large medical content. My rate is $25/hr only and negotiable.
  10. D

    BOTH Abortion counseling for COMLEX PE / USMLE CS

    Hi all, Have anyone who took COMLEX PE or USMLE CS encountered an Ob/Gyn case of unwanted pregnancy where you had to present the patient with options? I'm pro-life and, if it comes to this, would not offer D&C. How do I approach this so I won't lose points for that case? Thank you.
  11. scruffy821

    USMLE Step 2 CS Chicago Switch

    I am scheduled for 8/18 this year in Chicago. Would anyone scheduled for 9/12-9/24 or maybe 10/10-10/22 be interested in trading?
  12. Elsevier

    USMLE/COMLEX Advice for USMLE Step 1 from Elsevier Authors

    Elsevier Authors offer their advice for USMLE Step 1! 5 Study Tips for USMLE Step 1 By Drs. Ted O'Connell, Ryan Pedigo, and Thomas Blair, authors of Crush Step 1 How to Succeed in Physiology – the course, Step 1, and beyond By Dr. Linda Costanzo, author of Physiology Special SDN offer! Save...
  13. L

    USMLE CS workup? what's too much/little?

    Hey guys! long time lurker here so, I have CS on Monday, and i think it's safe to say i'm freaking the freak out. like, bad. bad bad bad. terrified of blanking, especially on the workup and DDx... i was wondering if anyone could possibly give me some advice or calm my nerves etc haha cus i'm...
  14. 2

    Step 2 CS very worry if will fail

    Hello guys, Post edited. Thanks.