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    Current internship situation - U Syd vs UQ

    I am currently debating between U Syd and UQ. I've heard the teaching quality in U Syd is better (I can't confirm that), but I am worried about not getting an internship in NSW, in the highly likely case that I don't match to North America. I know there have been concerns that internships are...
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    USyd & UQ Application (Traditional MD) 2022

    Hey all, Just submitted my applications to USyd and UQ a week ago for the traditional MD programmes. Created this thread to connect with others who are also applying to Australian medical schools for 2022 and also feeling a bit antsy about uncertainty and if the borders will open for future...
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    University of Sydney MMI format

    Hello, I'm preparing for my MMI Skype interview with the University of Sydney for dentistry, and I'm still not sure exactly how the MMI will work. I understand that the interview will consist of 5 questions of 7 mins each. In between there is a 2 min break, bringing the total interview time to...
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    Transfer Between Med Schools (to USyd in particular)

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    USyd and UQ MCAT

    Hi all, My friend and I are applying to both University of Sydney and University of Queensland MD. We're from Canada, and we roughly have the same GPA (3.5). She has a 31 MCAT (and fulfills the minimums on every section) and I have a 508. Is it possible for us to get interviews with these...