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    Emory vs. UT Houston (Dallas campus)

    Hi, first time poster here. I find this site very helpful, and would appreciate some needed advice. I received admission into Emory's BSHE MPH program as well as UT Houston's custom MPH program at their Dallas campus, and I don't know which one to pick. I went to Emory for my undergrad, and...
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    TEXAS: UTHSC-San Antonio School of Dentistry vs UTSD Houston

    I received offers of admissions from both UTSD Houston and UTHSCSA's dental school and I am not sure which school to choose! If you can, please let me know of the pros and cons for each school. Overall, which dental school would YOU choose and why? If anyone is attending or has attended...
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    Southwestern vs Dell vs UT Houston

    I need help in deciding y'all. UT student. I pre matched to all three an d I'm having so many problems deciding. I know mine, but I would love to hear y'all's reasoning/ a new perspective.