1. D

    USMLE uwsa_1 experience

    Hey guys, Anyone else that did it recently? i just had mine, all 4 blocks back to back with 3-4 min intermissions. results: 73.8% correct, 3digit: 245.. I read in most forums that UWSA-1 overpredicts, it seemed quite a "bitch" if you ask me... several questions were not straightforward at all...
  2. D

    USMLE NBME vs Real Deal STEP1

    Hello, im an img who took his step1 on february 2018 and I make this thread because before get my score I always look for reasurence on this kind of Posts. NBME 16: 219 (6/2017) NBME 15: 230 (9/2017) NBME 13: 234 (10/2017) NMBE 17:236 (12/2017) NBME18: 242 (1 month off) NBME 19:223 (3 weeks...
  3. gimv

    Step 1 on Tuesday, feeling like I failed

    I took the exam last Tuesday (5/16), and I walked out of it in a semi-decent shape, feeling somewhat confidence I had at least passed. As days go by, I keep remembering questions and I can't stop myself from looking them up. So far I have about 12 incorrect answers (only from the few I remember)...
  4. B

    USMLE Failing UWSA but passing NBME, Exam in 2 weeks, HELP please

    Hello, so I am an IMG and have been studying for a while now. Around 6 weeks ago i took UWSA1 and got 160 2 weeks later I took NBME16 and scored 188, So I was thrilled with the improvemnt. Another 2 weeks later I took NBME 17 and scored 201. Happy that I was on track, set my exam date in a...
  5. T


    Anybody any thoughts on what to make of this score drop? NBME 3 May 159 NBME 4 July 242 NBME 6 August 235 UWSA six days later 223 After the first NBME, Read MTB 2, watched DIT videos. After first pass through UW, took weakest subjects by percentile and did all the questions in those subjects...
  6. Tanner Stage VI

    If you've taken a UWSA in the past 9 days, recheck your score

    In case you didn't notice, UW updated their self-assessments to consist of 40 question blocks. The updated metrics rolled out today and, surprise, they make a helluva difference (232 -> 251). 2 weeks out for me. Stay strong, friends.
  7. tasar1898

    UWSA Grading

    Hey everyone , I don't know if this 'll help anyone but just wanted to leave it here.. It looks like the curve of uwsa is kinda changed , because I remember reading about cumulative 84% = 265/800 , but I completed UWSA-1 today and got 760 = 262 with my block score being 86%/80%/93%/84%
  8. A

    USMLE Determination of best CK score predictors and estimated score (data needed)

    Hi everyone, So there is always the eternal debate about what is predictive of your CK score and which NBME is best etc etc. We all have anecdotal experiences, but as we all know, this can often lead us astray. What I was hoping to do was to determine, with some scientific validity, what is...