vascular fellowships

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    *** Vascular Surgery Fellowship Match 2019/2020 ***

    Hey everyone! Applications are open for vascular surgery fellowship and invitations are being slowly released. Feel free to share the programs that have already sent out invitations. Good luck everyone and see you at the interviews! Updated list...
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    General surgery+fellowship or integrated vascular

    could anyone shed some light on the differences? I am thinking more of academic programs (so both will have the extra two research years). What is the difference in employement possibilities? Licensing? Will I be expected to do more general surgery procedures after being hired post fellowship...
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    Why did you choose vascular surgery?

    Hey friends! Congrats, if you recently matched Vascular Surgery! Open question for all including previously matched, why did you choose Vascular Surgery? What about it drew you towards the field? I'd like to hear your stories! I think this sharing would be beneficial for those still ambivalent...
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    Vascular Fellowship for IMG

    Hi all, Long time lurker, first time poster. Just looking for some advice, regarding how to get a vascular fellowship in the US post vascular training in Australia. I am currently a PGY - 5 in the first year of 5yr vascular training program in Australia, but I was hoping to do a vascular...