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    *** Vascular Surgery Fellowship Match 2019/2020 ***

    Hey everyone! Applications are open for vascular surgery fellowship and invitations are being slowly released. Feel free to share the programs that have already sent out invitations. Good luck everyone and see you at the interviews! Updated list...
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    Autonomy in vascular integrated

    Could some people please weigh In concerning the level of autonomy residents get in your respective programs by year? Ideally I am interested in hearing from Vascular residents But I am also interested to hear from people in the other integrated specialties.
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    "Reputation" as a means to get into a "top" residency

    Provided you do well and get the requisite Step 1 score, does it make a big difference what medical school you go to, top 20 vs mid tier in regards to getting into competitives surgical residencies?
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    Learning curve for bedside procedures

    new resident here in surgery. Yesterday was my first experience in bedside femoral vein lines and it was not fun. My paranoia of hitting the artery resulted in me having my junior stick it. Granted the patient has a plt level of 7.. just wanted to ask more senior ppl how long it took them to...
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    Why is acute bowel ischemia more common in the SI

    Hi, I have read that acute bowel ischemia is almost always small bowel (as opposed to the large bowel). Does anyone know/can guess the reasons as to why? Thanks
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    Vascular Neurology (stroke) Fellowship July 2017 Start Date

    For those applying and interviewing for vascular neurology in the 2017 season As there isn't any formal conversation currently happening, I thought it would be fun and interesting to get one started. Things to discuss or comment on: Any interviews yet? If so, where? Impressions of fellowship...
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    Why did you choose vascular surgery?

    Hey friends! Congrats, if you recently matched Vascular Surgery! Open question for all including previously matched, why did you choose Vascular Surgery? What about it drew you towards the field? I'd like to hear your stories! I think this sharing would be beneficial for those still ambivalent...
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    Applying to Integrated (0+5) Vascular Surgery Residency

    *I am moving this from a vascular surgery interview thread to its own topic to make it easier to find for future applicants. **Also, I am sorry this got so long. I hope it is helpful. An Opinionated Guide on Applying to Integrated (0+5) Vascular Surgery Residency (Based on the 2016 Match) I...
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    Interventional Fellows Workshop

    University of Chicago Interventional Fellows Workshop Chicago, Illinois September 25-26, 2015 Led by a panel of interventional radiologists and vascular surgeons from the University of Chicago, this didactic and animal lab workshop will provide two separate tracks each for interventional...