1. SnqwFlake

    I'm afraid I won't get into med school

    I'm afraid I won't get into med school. There's been so much stuff going on and my GPA is bad. Right now as a senior, I'm sitting at a 3.3. If you count only the last 3 years, my GPA is 3.51. I haven't gotten a C or F since my freshman year. I've been mostly getting B's and B+ with some A's. I...
  2. RT2DO

    An Anesthesiologist venting out! Thoughts?
  3. Piglet2020

    MD & DO Incoming MS1s Nervous Venting Thread *Share Your Greatest Fear*

    I created this thread so that incoming Class of 2022 students, like myself, can vent their anxieties about starting med school. I know that a lot of students are scared of moving away from home to a new city, immersing themselves in one of the toughest professions, and in short, adjusting to...