1. U

    University of Vermont Medical Center GPR- Virtual Open House

    UVMMC GPR is Hosting its first Virtual Open House on June 3, 2021, from 6-7 PM. If you're interested in getting to know "The Best Dental Residency in Vermont," meeting current residents and love lake life, skiing, craft beer, or the Northeast in general- this is for you! Our GPR is based in...
  2. D

    University of Vermont (UVM Connecticut Campus) vs. Medical College of Georgia (MCG Augusta Campus)

    Hi everyone! Thank you for your time in reading my post. I'm OOS for both of these medical schools and could use some wisdom in helping decide on a school. Both schools would be very far from family so there isn't a family support network advantage either way. I haven't gotten my financial aid...
  3. 3

    Renting 3br close to UVM Medical Center - South Burlington, VT

    Charming raised ranch on a quiet dead end street in a family friendly South Burlington neighborhood. 3 bed, 1.5 bath plus bonus room/office. Hardwood floors throughout the first floor and a finished basement. Gas stove, dishwasher, disposal, washer and dryer included. There is a fenced in...
  4. G

    University of Vermont Post-Bac Program

    Hi all, I am looking for any advice from past, current, or potentially future students of the University of Vermont Post-bac program. I'd like to know what your experience was like. Why you chose to go there. Professors to look out for or to absolutely take. Where to live. Where you went after...
  5. E

    Which is harder to obtain in-state residency: Vermont or West Virginia ?

    It seems that both states require a 12 month domicile period prior to the semester for which in-state status is sought, but UVM policies also states, "An in-state status applicant who applies for admission or registers for class within one year of first moving to the state shall have created a...
  6. JadeWell

    Vermont Physicians Wanted

    My local hospital in Vermont is looking for: Family Medicine Physician Internal Medicine Physician Emergency Medicine Physician Orthopedic Surgeon Looking to talk with soon-to-be post residents and up to join our awesome, recreational, outdoorsy and close knit community. $20,000 sign on...
  7. W

    question about best state to establish state residency

    hey guys, I realize this topic has been posted multiple times, but I couldn't find an exact discussion that I was looking for. Basically, I have some time before I plan to apply to medical school. I wanted to determine which state is best to establish state residency in. I think Vermont or...
  8. D

    Starting salary in SNF's 2017?

    I am about to take the national boards next week and I am beginning to think about post-exam employment (finally!). At any rate, the SNF I worked at during my last rotation has shown interest in hiring me since I left and has, informally, already offered me a job. I would love to know what kind...
  9. B

    UVM M.S. Medical Science

    I'm curious about the University of Vermont's Master of Medical Science degree. Has anyone attended that can comment on it? It seems fairly new.
  10. Asclepius293

    Best out of State "Reach" Schools? 3.8cGPA 511 MCAT

    Hey all! Currently applying and trying to create a list of out of state "reach" schools to apply for. I've bought MSAR and am going through that but am curious as to what the SDN community thinks of my stats and where I might have a good shot. Michigan resident, applied for all in-state...
  11. DrChef94

    McGill friendly US med schools

  12. N

    MD Should I move to Oregon, Wisconsin or Vermont?

    All three have good state schools with high in-state acceptance rates (especially at UVM). I'm not looking to enter medical school until 2018 so I have time to establish residency. I'm looking to maximize my chances at a school that fits me well. I have lots of family in Wisconsin so that's the...
  13. W

    Post Bacc Pre med Decisions- UVM v Mills v UConn

    Hi everyone, After years of thinking about it, I decided this winter to apply to some post-bacc pre med programs in the interest of becoming a physician. I've received accepted to UVM, Mills College. I'm waiting on UConn, so who knows, but for the sake of this post I'm assuming I am in...