vet c/o 2027

  1. LaurenGro

    UGA vs. Mississippi State- both IS

    I recently received acceptance for a SC contract seat to both Mississippi State and University of Georgia. I would be paying in-state tuition for both, but UGA is slightly more affordable. I believe IS at Mississippi is ~$29k yearly with 8 semesters today, while UGA is ~$19.8k yearly with 9...
  2. BeanDVM

    Michigan State c/o 2027 Applicants

    Hi guys! Didn’t see an MSU thread yet so I’m starting one! I’m a 3rd time IS applicant, hoping this is my year :) good luck to everyone applying!
  3. K

    Ross Vet Prep Program

    Hello, everyone I just got accepted into Ross Universities' vet prep program and I am very excited but I had a couple of questions for students who have gone through this process. 1. How many people get accepted per semester/how many people are with you in the class? 2. What is the passing...