1. D

    MD no accommodation and blind in one eye

  2. A

    Loupes for someone with seriously bad vision?

    I'm going to be starting my first year of dental school pretty soon. As the title says, my vision is pretty miserable. -9 diopters, pretty terrible astigmatism to boot (believe me, I know how bad that is!). I know that loupes companies will build prescriptions in, but I'm wondering if they can...
  3. MtheInsomniac

    Vision restored for 24 hours in one eye, how?

    I suffer myopia to the extent where my hand goes blurry at an arm's length, and have been using corrective lenses since age 8. I've consulted multiple friends in the medical field & all were left pretty dumbfounded by this occurrence, but not as much as I was when vision in my left eye had...
  4. M

    Vision "Exams" through Certified Opthalmic Technicians

    A friend of mine recently came across an optical shop called Jins. She told me that they also did examinations there for an affordable price. Being curious, I went to the shop after work since I work about 10 minutes from there. When I got there, I looked at the prices and thought, "wow that is...
  5. M

    Please help, disabilities, vision requirements for specialties?

    Hey there, I am currently a senior year undergrad planning on attending medical school. I have an optic nerve condition with which I was born and it does not appear to be getting any worse overtime. However, my eyesight is only corrected to 20/70 in left and 20/60 in right eye. From what I've...
  6. B

    Can monocular vision disqualify me from certain specialties?

    Hello-- newbie here... I'm just a pre-med student but figured that this question was best suited in the Allopathic section. I have a visual handicap in one eye where I am essentially blind, and rely off one eye. In the future I may be able to gain minimal sight... nothing too significant. I...