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    Health counseling - does this count as clinical experience?

    Question: I have an opportunity to volunteer through my undergraduate university's health center. When students contact the health center to set up an appointment for contraceptives, they would meet with me first prior to seeing a provider. I would provide them with information about different...
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    Volunteering at a hospital as pre-dent

    Hey all, I've been looking into extracurriculars to pursue and was wondering whether it was worth volunteering at a hospital if I'm pre-dental. I'm currently volunteering at a pediatric dental office and recently thought that becoming a hospital volunteer would allow me to gain further...
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    Grouping random volunteering?

    Hi, I did some non-clinical volunteering mainly through a club at my school, but then I also did a couple of volunteer projects on the side (helping out at a soup kitchen a few times, helping out for a walk in my community) but I am unsure on how to list those on my application. Should I group...