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  1. Y

    Weighing two different volunteering opportunities

    I'm a nontrad just starting on this long hard road. I already have some volunteer experience, but I am sorely lacking clinical volunteering hours. I have two opportunities lined up to remedy this, and am weighing their respective pros and cons. Opportunity 1: Pros: I can start in a clinical...
  2. 2

    Free Clinic Volunteer Opportunities in DC/Maryland/Virginia Area?

    I was wondering if any of you have had any volunteer positions at a free clinic in the DMV area that allowed you to have hands-on experience, such as doing intake for patients? I have not had any luck in finding a clinic and I don't want to get stuck with an administrative position that will end...
  3. F

    Clinical Volunteering in Philadelphia

    Anyone know of good opportunities to get experience in Philadelphia? Will be here for the summer!
  4. F

    Medical Volunteering Here or Abroad

    Hello guys, This summer I plan on getting my clinical volunteering numbers up while beginning to study for the MCAT and doing research. I have a couple options and was curious what you guys think: 1) do research, study, and work in a hospital as a volunteer all in the same summer 2) go...
  5. W

    Official Post-bacc vs DIY Post-bacc

    I posted something similar on the Pre-medical page but I think getting this could technically qualify beyond a traditional route. I graduated with a pretty abysmal 3.141 GPA, plenty of experience volunteering in local clinics and hospitals and having a charity event surrounding Providence St...
  6. V

    Becoming flustered

    Hey fellow pre-dents. I'm currently a sophomore in university right now. After talking to a few people, and looking at what I need to do for a solid application, I should provide a quality, consistent volunteer experience. I've just had no luck trying to find something in my area and I was...
  7. ChinaCalHeartWatch

    Wanted: Global Health Students interested in Yunnan, China

    Interested in learning about the healthcare system in Rural China? Want to travel and experience new cultures? We are currently looking for students for our 2017 Winter Externship Activity from Dec.15-28th This is an exciting opportunity for premed students interested in medicine, especially...