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    Waiver Transfer Due to Family-Related Issues

    I recently matched into a program. Between rank order deadline and match day, a family member's health deteriorated rapidly and I am searching to transfer closer to home. I would like to request a waiver, but I wanted to know that if a waiver is granted, does that mean you are no longer part...
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    J1 Visa Waiver - Applying during Fellowship

    I am about to start an American fellowship that runs July 2018 - July 2019. I am on a J1 visa and I am hoping to apply for a waiver. Most states seem to begin accepting applications for waivers in September or October . The CONRAD-30 program states that "the J1 doctor must agree to begin...
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    Fee Waiver Decisions

    Hey everyone I was just wondering if anybody who has applied for the fee waiver heard back from PTCAS. I applied for the fee waiver on the first day it was open (6/29/17) and haven't heard back. Unfortunately because I've applied I can't submit to schools whose supplemental I've completed already.
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    Good morning everyone so this is my situation. I want to apply for the fee waiver for this coming cycle as soon as the applications open next week. If approved you have basically two weeks to e-submit. The thing is I'm also taking physics 2 which ends on Aug 3rd. I don't want to e-submit without...
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    Failed MPJE :( Waiver form to speed up ATT??

    Hi all, I recently started my residency here and just found out that I failed the MPJE by 2 points :'( I know that it usually takes a month for the new ATT to generate, but my residency director was telling me about how the state board can sometimes waive the processing time (of course not the...
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    NRMP Waiver Request

    Hypothetical situation: Applicant scrambles into a prelim position during SOAP. Another program in NRMP offers applicant a categorical position after the SOAP ends. Applicant has not signed any paperwork outside of the SOAP. What should the applicant do? What are the chances of a waiver...