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    Renting Metro-Detroit Apartments for Lease

    UNFURNISHED: 1 bedroom/1 bathroom (carpet): $800/month 1 bedroom/1 bathroom (wood flooring and additional upgrades): $850/month 2 bedroom/1 bathroom: $950/month All of our apartments have the following features: Newly decorated apartment-style condos (new flooring/new paint/new light...
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    MSUCHM vs. MSUCOM vs. Wayne State

    Hey everyone!! I was recently accepted MSUCOM, MSUCHM and Wayne State (btw I am from Michigan) and am looking for input from anyone who knows anything about the schools, attends them or has a friend who does! The deadline for my answer to MSUCOM is coming up really soon so any input at all would...
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    Wayne State University Early Decision 2016

    Is anyone applying to Wayne State University Early Decision program this year?
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    Wayne State University Alternate List

    I'm on the Wayne State University, Michigan alternate list. Does anyone know the chances of getting accepted off of this list?? And is the alternate list ranked??