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    Icahn SOM at Mount Sinai vs. Weill Cornell Medicine

    Mt. Sinai Pros All lectures are recorded & non-mandatory Really cares about student wellness; many of the students seemed genuinely happy (as far as medical school wellness goes) Protected half-days every Tuesday (nothing scheduled after 12PM) & an examination system that allows students to...
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    NYU vs Cornell

    I recently got off the waitlist at NYU and now I am deciding between these two relatively similar schools and wanted to see what folks' thought. I don't really have a preference financial or otherwise- they both seem great. Below are my impressions. Thoughts? NYU Pros: trending up, bellevue...
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    Renting NY/Queens Room for Rent

    July 2016 - Room AVAILABLE NOW!!! Quiet and safe home. 30 min to Manhattan by bus or train. Foreign Students*Medical Residents*Professionals *SHARED* Kitchen - Bathroom (with just 1 other roommate) - Livingroom *INCLUDED* WiFi Cooking gas Electricity It has a spacious closet and can fit a...