1. P

    WesternU MSMS 2024/2025

    Hello everyone! I'm applying this year to the MSMS program and would love to hear about anyone else applying! I personally have had no luck trying to find a physician to shadow so that's fun lol
  2. D

    WesternU MSMS 2023-2024

    Hello, I am applying this cycle. Anyone know more details about this program? Any advice for interviews? Anyone else applying?
  3. Q

    WesternU-COMP vs LECOM-B

    WesternU Pros ISAC (summer intensive anatomy course to fulfill gross requirement prior to first semester--go on to TA other incoming first years) Lots of other TA opportunities, such as the ISAC gross TA, clinical skills, and OMT Academic tracks: anatomy (my favorite), lifestyle medicine (my...
  4. N

    WesternU COMP vs OUHCOM

    Hi guys! I know there are tons of forums comparing schools to Western COMP but I had trouble finding ones comparing HCOM. So I wanted everyone's thoughts on these two schools that I have been accepted to and maybe help me make a pros and cons list? I am from Ohio so the practicing requirment...
  5. T

    RVU vs. going to other interviews. Just need some advice!

    Hi everybody, So I was accepted to RVUCOM (which is my top choice after interviewing, seeing the campus/students, board scores, etc.) on 1/25 after interviewing on 1/12, but have several other interviews lined up in the coming weeks and would just like some advice. I'm a Utah resident and want...
  6. simmac

    Touro ca vs Western comp

    Any current students, particularly MS2 & MS3 students, from either of these schools willing to give me some insight into their school experience? I'm grateful to have been accepted to both, but am having a hard time making up my mind. I've read all old/recent posts on these schools, and my...