what am i doing wrong

  1. jpaulmakeyafall

    Is this a bad start? Please help. Need advice!

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice. I knew I wanted to be a physician for a while, and I go to the 4th best community college in the country and they still have terrible health advisors that never told me how important A's and GPA were to getting into med school. Ive done some research and...
  2. F

    Extra Curriculars

    I'm a freshman at UCLA, and I have just decided that I want to go to med school. My GPA so far is around 3.95, I had a 4.0 before i got an A- in chem 14B with Lavelle last quarter. I have been doing all the med school requirements, since they overlap with the neuroscience major prerequisites, so...
  3. Eramere

    What am I doing wrong while studying for Chem tests?

    Hi all, I'm about at my wits' end. I'm a freshman, and no matter how much I study, I never do well on my chemistry tests. I KNOW it's me, not the professor or the class, because, while many people fail the tests, there are always people who get in the low 90's, so I know I can do better if...