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  1. P

    Moonlighting: What to Wear?

    Hi, all! I'm a PGY-3 psychiatry resident starting a moonlighting position soon and I'm wondering what you all think appropriate attire would be. The answer is, of course, "that depends," so I'm just looking for general thoughts. I will be working at an inpatient state psychiatric facility...
  2. W

    Other OT-Related Information What to Wear to Volunteer?

    Hey guys! I am an undergrad who is going to start volunteering at Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago soon (WOOO!!!!!) and they recently got rid of the scrubs they had for volunteers to wear for a short time. We are now required to wear "buisness casual" (no jeans, leggings, athletic pants) but...
  3. rolltidedoc

    What to wear to shadow ER physician?

    Hello all, I will be shadowing an ER physician for an extended period of time. I was wondering what do you recommend wearing? I will obviously consult the doctor before showing up in any kind of attire first, but wanted to hear all of your opinions as well out of curiosity. I would think...