why medical school

  1. M

    What are some of the worst "why do you want to be a doctor/why med school" answers?

    I've been spending the last few weeks really thinking about how to craft my narrative, really thinking about why I want to be a doctor, why I want to pursue the specialization I want to, etc., and it got me curious as to what are some of the "wrong" answers one could give in a PS or an...
  2. P

    Consensus on "Anything Else" Secondary Question

    My pre-med office has said that if a secondary does not otherwise have a "why our school?" question, you should use the "anything else you'd like to add?" question to address that...I'm not sure if I buy this, however. What're your guys' thoughts on this?
  3. T

    What motives you to become a doc?

    So I'm now 23, finished a Bachelor of Arts in Communication degree, and kinda suddenly realize that I want to help people, like actually helping someone physically. I never thought of entering the healthcare services even though my parents are in the industry (they are nurse / dental hygienist)...
  4. sloanetaylor

    Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner v. Psychiatrist

    Hi all, I would be grateful for any insight or help you could provide regarding this. I went all through high school and half of college thinking I was going to be a doctor (leaning towards psychiatrist), but I haven't been so certain lately. My questions: 1. Back to Basics: Why did you choose...