why medicine

  1. LindaAccepted

    Medical How to Show that YOU Want to be a Doctor

    “My mom is a doctor, my dad is a doctor. How can I prove to the med school admissions committees that I really want to be a doctor?” To help you increase your chances of getting accepted to medical school, we will be hosting a webinar that will walk you through a detailed plan for improving...
  2. LindaAccepted

    Medical Med School Admissions: Challenges and Solutions for Older Applicants

    “You’re going back to medical school? Why would you do that? Are you crazy?” Hopefully most people won’t react so strongly to your decision, but the question is probably still on their minds. And similar reservations are bound to pop into the heads of medical school admissions committee members...
  3. binko

    Personal statement: can't narrow it down!

    It seems like there are so many "why medicine" things in my life that I can't narrow it down easily! Interested in the body and health from an early age (have amusing examples of intense specific questions I would ask my dad about how medicines worked on a cellular level) and Jewish values...