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    PsyD - Widener vs University of Indianapolis (help me decide)

    I´ve been accepted to University of Indianapolis, Widener University, and University of Indiana at Pennsylvania (IUP) PsyD programs. I think I´ve narrowed down to deciding between UIndy and Widener. Does anyone have some insight you´d be willing to share, whether or not you are a current...
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    Widener University Class of 2020

    Hey! I committed to Widener a few weeks ago. I wanted to reach out and see if anyone else will be attending Widener in June. I'm started to look into housing options, so any advice would be extremely helpful.
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    Widener University DPT

    Has anyone else received an email for an interview with Widener University? I just received mine today and wanted to know if this was the first round of interviews.
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    Lynchburg and Widener Waitlist / Housing

    Hey guys I haven't really seen anyone talk about housing on here, but I was waitlisted at both Lynchburg and Widener DPT and am trying to prepare myself for all options. Can anyone speak about the housing available, or current PT students where you live?