1. A

    What looks worse a withdrawal or no credit

    I'm in a predicament right now with my biochemistry course. My university allows GPNC's for courses and I set my biochemistry grade to a C. Basically if I get anything higher than a C i get the grade, and if I get anything lower than the grade I get no credit and it doesn't affect my GPA. My...
  2. Green Turtle

    To withdraw or not to withdraw

    I've been reading through endless threads on this topic, but would love some advice on my particular situation. Thanks in advance. Situation: I am currently in Calculus 2 and slowly falling behind. We have daily quizzes that I underperform on, and have taken one exam of four that I received a...
  3. D

    Finish Prereqs or do a Career Changer Post Bac?

  4. S

    Withdrawing from a Class

    Hi, I am a junior and am applying to med school this summer. Spring semester will be the last semester on my transcript. So far I have maintained a 4.0 at a school known for its tough premed student body (Hopkins). There is an advanced graduate level course I am enrolled in, Bacteriology. First...
  5. Yhorm the Giant

    Taking a W my last semester? Somewhat complicated, low cGPA

  6. M

    Withdraw or stick it out

    I am currently in the last gen Chem of the series. I received a 91% on the first exam and had a 90% in the class. The second exam I completely bombed and got a 20%( beyond failing). We have done about 450 points of work and the overall point total is 850. Should I continue sticking it out or...
  7. M

    Withdrawing or Retaking

    Hi everyone, I need your guys' opinions on something. I am premed with a 3.94 cumulative GPA, but I am getting a "C" in one of my classes. I spoke to the professor and she basically said that there was no way I could raise the grade. Should I drop the class and receive a "W" on my transcript...