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    Position Wanted Looking: Anesthesiology oriented and/or locum tenems

    Looking for now with an Ohio medical license. I am willing to relocate anywhere. I completed an internship in general surgery during the month of July 2018. I am interested in any opportunity with training (preference for Anesthesiology-related research/work but open to everything) prior to...
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    Position Wanted Internship to Anesthesiology Residency 1 Year Gap

    Hello all, I am about to finish my intern year in general surgery at a well-known institution in southern California. I have a secured position as a CA-1 in the Midwest starting 7/2019. In the interim, I am eligible for licensing and would like to get involved in anesthesiology research...
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    What medical specialties allow you to have your own practice ?

    I mean specialties that allow you to start a practice and work alone so you can control your work hours.
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    Dentistry vs Medicine ?

    Help me decide, please. Forget about the debts , salaries , years taken to graduate etc. I am concerned about the jobs themselves. I dont want to have less than 2-3 hours of free time a day. I also dont want to go to work in the middle of the night - I dont want bad sleep hours (not anything...
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    Everybody says that doctors work for many hours but this article disagrees with them?

    This article was written by the AMA and it says that most of the doctors work less than 80 hours a week so why do I keep on seeing doctors complaining about their work hours ? http://www.ama-assn.org/ama/ama-wire/post/many-hours-average-physician-workweek
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    So why do many doctors lack sleep (read details) ?

    Say a doc works a 16-hours shift. Doesnt that mean that he will have a 16 hours break after he finishes his work ? That is enough to get some good sleep and do many other things so what am i missing ?
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    If a person just earned his MD degree from a European country, can he specialize in the US/Canada?

    He just earned his MD degree from a country in europe. Can he specialize (do his residency) in the US or Canada ? If yes , will he receive just as much money as US medical residents do ?
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    What non surgical specialties requires you to work 12 hrs or less (in public sector)?

    As the title says,,,