work hours

  1. E

    Why do Doctors work so many hours

    Just out of curiosity, why do Doctors work so many hours/week? I've heard some say in the next decade we will experience a shortage of doctors. If this is the case, I understand. But some say that the field is becoming over-saturated. Is it simply that some doctors work more hours to make more...
  2. 8

    Contemplating a post-bacc... what are my chances?

    Hi all, I am a soon-to-be graduate with a bachelor's degree in Psychology. I have had an iffy academic transcript (suffered from an undiagnosed illness that was only recently diagnosed) with a 3.16 GPA so far. I am contemplating on pursuing medicine, which means that I would have to return to...
  3. M

    Studying for April 28th MCAT full-time student and work-study

    Hi, My MCAT is April 28th and I haven't started studying yet but will start this week (1/15) I am currently registered for 17 hours for Spring 2017: 1. Algebra-based Physics with lab (4 hours) 2. Child Psychology (3 hours) 3. PE (1 hour) 4. Biostats (3 hours) 5. Animal Biology (3 hours) 6...
  4. K

    MGH vs BWH hours 2016

    I'm a pathology applicant this year who is looking at both MGH and BWH, and I'm curious -- is the workload similar? Old threads suggest that MGH residents used to work a bit harder than BWH residents, but there are one or two comments saying that's outdated. Can anyone compare the current hours...
  5. Heist

    Walgreens with no voicemail?

    I called florida pharmacy after hours. They didn’t have a voice mail so I could leave the information about my patient. The recording told me to call their 24 hours walgreens instead. Is this common? I have never seen this before.
  6. P

    Work-Week Trauma Surgery

    So I understand that a trauma surgeon works long hours (possibly >80+ hours). But my question is, how many days a week do trauma surgeons work. I.e. 5 days, 7 days?? Thanks in advance for the input.
  7. U

    URM, EC's, low gpa. Chances?

    Hello! I am currently in my last semester of undergrad. My cGPA is a 3.05. I am a URM (Latina), and I am pretty 'in touch' with my culture. (Native language is Spanish, raised in a border city, immigrant parents, etc). I ran cross country at my college (D2) for 3 years in the most competitive D2...
  8. mvenus929

    Work Hour Studies

    While my classmates were interviewing a couple years ago, I heard some debate whether or not to rank programs participating in the studies regarding work hours, those trialing a return to 30 hour workdays. Then I saw this pop up on my newsfeed today...
  9. rlin656

    Questions for current/past Walmart Pharmacist (2015)

    Hi, I am currently a P3 student and also currently interning at a Walmart pharmacy. I would like to work for Walmart in the future, but would really like to know certain things about what Walmart offers pharmacist compared to others. Amount of years currently worked at Walmart...