1. npbuac

    Work/Activities - Military Service hours?

    I'm trying to get ahead on my work/activities section for the 2019 cycle. I served 3 years active duty USAF, how should the hours be calculated? My schedule was sometimes sporadic, some days I'd be on for 12-24 hrs, most of the time an 8 hr shift. Please advise. Thank you.
  2. R

    Willing to Review PS and/or Work/Activities

    I am down to read personal statements or work/activities lists and provide feedback related to content and delivery if that's of use to anyone. Feel free to PM me.
  3. S

    AMCAS work/activities contact person

    So I'm an uber driver and am wanting to include this in my work/activities section. However, I'm not sure what to put as contact info? I mean, I'm technically my own boss. Any thoughts?
  4. WRL

    Legitimacy of this extracurricular in "work/activities" section of AMCAS

    Hello, I am a medical student who withdrew from my medical school and needs to re-apply to get into either the same school again or a new one. My main reasons for leaving was that I was not ready for the course load or level of complexity. My question is: in my next application, can I put...
  5. M

    Chances + Advice

    Hello, This is my first time posting, so please forgive my illiteracy in SDN posting I just wanted to know what my chances are and any advice you guys have on my situation. I will be applying next cycle (Entering Class 2019) so I still have a year left (Room for improvement!!). And this fall I...
  6. M

    Fraternity Leadership Position - Risk Manager

    From the other threads about including fraternity membership in your AMCAS app, it seems clear that listing a fraternity leadership position can be a good idea. I was the rush chair one year and had a great experience with that so I am definitely including it. I was also "Risk Manager"...
  7. Yhorm the Giant

    Avoiding using family with Work/Activities section?

    I graduated High school in 2007 and just graduated college 10 years later, just last month. Bad grades at first, huge upward trend, but I really spent a lot of time focusing on grade repair when I should have probably spent more time doing other activities. Oh well, I'm here now with less to...