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  1. F

    Personal Statement Draft Feedback!

    Hello everyone! I posted here about a month ago and received great feedback on my personal statement. I wanted to know if anyone would be willing to provide further feedback as I get closer to a final draft. Thank you for all your help and I can send you a google doc link.
  2. F

    Personal Statement Draft Feedback Please

    Hello! Would anyone be willing to read over and provide feedback on a draft for my personal statement? I plan on applying for the upcoming cycle so I did not know if I should post this in the Personal Statement Guide that was for the application cycle which is still currently happening. I can...
  3. S

    "Why should we accept you?"

    Hello everyone! What is your approach to answering this question for secondaries and/or interviews? I personally struggle with selling myself, and have no idea how to even start to answer this question
  4. LindaAccepted

    Medical Are You Ready to Write Your Med School Personal Statement?

    After years of work as a premed, you’re ready for the last hurdle before med school: the actual med school application process. You can do it! One of the things that makes the personal statement portion of the application both challenging and exhilarating is that you have total control over it...
  5. LindaAccepted

    Medical What You Need to Know About Writing Successful Secondary Essays!

    In case you missed it – or if you’d like to review – How to Create Successful Secondary Applications is now available for on-demand viewing! Watch the Webinar In just one hour, you’ll learn what you need to create effective secondary applications. This article was originally posted on...
  6. R

    dental school personal statement style question

    What is recommended for writing the personal statement as far as flowery vs. straightforward? I wrote one draft with a little metaphor as to how I found dentistry as a good match for my career goals. I was given opposing advice for the style of the personal statement. I had a couple people...
  7. 9

    Managed Care Residency Interview Writing Case?

    Hi, I was offered the opportunity for an onsite managed care residency interview. There will be a writing project/case, and I wanted to know if anyone had any idea what that might entail? Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance!
  8. inGenius Prep

    Medical Common mistakes on the Personal Statement

    Here's a list of the most common mistakes we see students make on their personal statement: Rewriting your “Experience List” Exaggerating adversity Save the diversity for the diverse candidates Leave high school in the past (i.e. don’t focus on it) You’re not a doctor yet – don’t act like you...
  9. inGenius Prep

    Medical How to write stand-out secondary applications

    Look through our full article on SDN here! The Art of Writing Med School Secondaries - Student Doctor Network 5 Tips You Must Implement on your Secondaries There are tons of articles explaining the generic to-do’s and not-to-do’s for secondaries, so I won’t spend a ton of time on them. There...
  10. Shawna-Kaye Lester

    FREE Personal Statement workbook

    Hi, I’m Shawna-Kaye Lester. My writing coaching services help you put together a memorable essay, so you can impress admissions, attend your dream school, and go create the life and legacy you want. My free workbook helps you to stop procrastinating and write a personal statment that stands...