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  1. Carya

    What You Wish You Knew

    Hi, I'm a current High School student, with an interest in medicine, who will be attending college by the end of this year. Although I did pretty alright in High School, I didn't do anything to prepare for a future career in medicine. So, now I'm wondering what I can do to prepare now that I'm...
  2. V

    I forgot to send a thank-you letter

    So I had my interview about 2 weeks ago. I forgot to send a thank-you note. What should I do?
  3. I

    casual "Thank You" cards

    hey, what kind of thank you cards do you all suggesting sending? I found a few really nice ones, but I did feel like they were too casual (one of them had a really funny joke about medicine, but it was a get well soon card :-(...) I found another one that had a cartoon character on it which I...