1. A

    Other My YouTube Video on Switching Residencies Outside the Match

    Hi everyone! I wanted to share a YouTube video I made on my tips for finding a residency position outside of the match/switching residencies. I successfully switched from Radiology to Psychiatry (PGY2 position) myself and these are the things I did to find a position at a great program! I'm...
  2. M

    Inexpensive OAT Studying

    Hi! My friend made this video about ways to study for the OAT for free! She posted a few other ones! I thought it'd be cool to post this on here to share the information with y'all :)
  3. B

    Pre- Med and Youtube Channel

    So my friend and I want to start a youtube channel, nothing bad or controversial, no swearing, family friendly.Will med schools possible look at it when I apply? If so, will it negatively affect my chances or acceptance, or will it not be a factor? Thanks for any feedback!
  4. DrLuca

    What would yo do? Youtube or Medicine?

    Hello everyone! I'm an IMG living in Europe. If possible, I will like some feedback from some of you in regards to my current situation. I graduated in 2013 and received my ECFMG certification in 2015. Step 1: 231, Step 2 CK: 230, and Step CS: Passed, all first attempt. Will take Step 3...
  5. P

    MD Starting Youtube channel in medical school?

    Hello all! I've been toying with the idea of starting a youtube channel in medical school. Not quite sure if I want to go the route of a day in the life of a med student, or study vlogs. I find that I learn best when I am teaching and explaining concepts (teaching is one of my passions), so I...
  6. H

    Before you start your OBGYN rotation

    Looking for feedback on my first youtube video. There aren't a lot of med youtubers so I thought I'd give it a shot. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions
  7. P


    Hey guys, I remember what it was like to go through the very stressful process of getting into a physical therapy school! I am now a second year Physical Therapy student and would love to help anybody out that needs help! I am doing this through my new YouTube channel that I just released a...
  8. Toothout

    Dental school funny videos

    hey guys! Lately, I've been craving for dental school related YouTube videos, but I can't find that many. Could you share with me your favs? This is my favorite: the six people you'll meet in DS I'm looking for more stuff like this. Parodies (songs) will be welcomed, but I'm not a fan.
  9. L

    Best youtube lectures for organ systems?

    So I've never taken an anatomy or physiology class and was wondering if anyone had recommendations for youtube lectures for organ systems (something other than khan academy). I learn better while watching lectures rather than reading a mcat book or textbook, especially for something that I...
  10. B

    MCAT Preparation

    I found some helpful MCAT Video Lessons on Youtube by PreMedHQ. Has anyone seen it? Thoughts?