Aug 3, 2016
Hi guys. This is my first time using this forum. In addition, I'm still pretty new to the concept of pharmacy programs. Please enlighten me. :)

1) What's the difference between a 0-6 and a 2+4? Both are 6 years, so does one have an advantage over the other?
2) Is there a difference between 2+4 and 2+4 via EA (Sorry guys, I'm not even sure if this is a thing) (I saw something like this in UB's website and wondered if there's a difference between UB's EA program and a 0-6 program.)
3)Is the PCAT required after finishing your pre-requisites for 0-6? 2+4?2+4 via EA? (if that's a thing:confused:)

That's all the questions I have now. Any tips or advice? Thank you so much guys! :D