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08 / 11 /2011 dat done!!

Discussion in 'DAT Discussions' started by InMembran, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. InMembran

    Aug 11, 2011
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    Hi guys, it's my first time writing a thread here. Hope you guys understand if it's too rusty. The reason why I am writing this breakdown is because SDN helped me so much for preparing for DAT. Anyway, here are the scores of my DAT exam.

    PAT: 23
    QR: 26
    RC: 20 :)
    BIO: 23
    GC: 23
    OC: 29
    TS: 25
    AA: 24

    I am really satisfied with my scores. Especially with reading, because I got 17 on last DAT.

    Here is the breakdown

    PAT: CDP for the win. I would say Angle rankings were as hard as the CDP. Other parts were relatively harder than CDP. Doing all 10 CDP tests will guarantee you 20 and above. I went over CDP twice, and I did extra questions on angle ranking.

    QR: I used CDM and Math Parts from DAT destroyer (not Math Destroyer). Many people suggest buying Math Destroyer. I would buy it only if you have weak background in math. If you did well in high school math or SAT, you don't really need Math Destroyer to do well. Save up $100 :)

    RC: Oh man. I was so glad when I saw this score. Last time I wrote DAT, I got 17 on RC. 3 points improvement was great. Anyway, I used CDR which really helps you plan out what kind of strategy works for you. There are different types of methods used and I strongly recommend you to go over that in other threads that might attract you. I used mostly S&D.

    BIO: DAT Destroyer and Campbell. If you do not have strong biology background, I recommend you each chapter from Campbell. I know it sounds a lot, but it definitely helps. Of course, there are many chapters you can glance over. Just go over the chapters you are not familiar with. For me, I read chapters including Five Kingdom Classification, Embryology, and Ecosystems. Also, I went over DAT destroyer 3 times.

    GC: DAT Destoyer. I thought I was going to do better than 23, but I'm sure I made a lot of stupid mistakes. I was too arrogant about this section.

    OC: Org Chem was my favorite subject in college. It didn't give me hard time studying this section. DAT Destroyer again helps you a lot. Road maps are really useful.

    I have cGPA 3.60. I have not calculated my science GPA, but should be around 3.55. I'm applying to Columbia, NYU, Maryland, Boston, and Tufts. What are my chances? Any suggestions?

    Also, if you guys need any more suggestions on the breakdown LET ME KNOW!


    2+ Year Member

    Jul 22, 2010
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    Great job! I think your chances are very good for those schools, except maybe Columbia.
  3. AlbinoPolarBear

    7+ Year Member

    Jun 18, 2011
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    Nice .. Awesome DAT scores.

    You are definitely competitive for Columbia. They jizz all over high DAT scores and are more lenient with the GPA. The GPA of the average matriculant last year was around 3.50, while the average DAT was around 22.

    Good luck!
  4. LetsGo2DSchool

    Removed 2+ Year Member

    Jul 11, 2009
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    Nice scores dude. Columbia will cream their pants when they see your high DAT scores.

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