1 Month to go...

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..and I'm so behind!!
I'm not even done with all the science reviews, and I'm not even doing well on the EK 30 min practice tests.
Do any of you have any suggestions in studying?

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You can be on track and not have finished reviewing all the science yet. My students still have to review electricity, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, spectroscopy, optics, titration curves, electrochem and more, and they are perfectly on schedule.

Of course you are not doing well on the EK 30-minute tests, they are designed to be difficult and they are.

Measure your progress by reviewing your old full-length exams as you review new content. Hopefully you will find that questions that used to be confusing or impossible are getting easier to understand.

Take a day off each week to rest and give yourself a break from the MCAT.
Don't be discouraged at all by this... with such a low practice and 30 days remaining...I am most likely (95%) going to take it in August. Although I am going to continue studying on schedule for the April exam, I HIGHLY doubt that's going to happen...:(