1 week left. what to do?

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Feb 27, 2005
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I have one week left.
want to break 250
last NBME4 was a few days ago, 240.
still feel like there is so much i dont know.
should i just keep doing Q or keep reading? I finished UW already, just reset it the other day. Avg on repeat is about 85%, so not sure im getting much out of it.
any ideas?

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Jun 16, 2010
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I'm in a similar dilemma...could use some advice!

Done with 85% of uworld with an avg of 71. Did the UWSA and it predicted 261 (yesterday) and did NBME 4 today and it predicted 242 (today).

I found NBME to be really random with its questions and was struggling through it. was surprised that i even got 242 and even more surprised that i got questions wrong that i thought i had right and got the ones i was lost on right

My dilemma is that I can finish uworld, spend a day per subject reviewing my uworld notes and master the boards or kaplan, and take the exam on the 29th of july (thus beating the score delay)


I could take the exam on the 3rd of August and would then have my score delayed but will have more time to read post uworld obviously.

I have to break 250. Any thoughts? Is the exam as random as the nbme's? I found uworld easier to go through but that could be because I have been using it continuously for the past 2 weeks.