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Oct 13, 2014
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Moving to Pharmacy School Specific Discussions:

As for the question, did you really mean you applied early decision or you simply applied early? PharmCAS would have your account on hold preventing you from applying elsewhere if it is indeed early decision. Your timeline fits perfectly with the typical early decision window which is that most programs start early decision process in August and ends in September followed by interviews in late September / early October.

If the admission committee meets every 1-3 weeks and you interviewed early October, I would contact them by next Monday. The majority of early decision applicants get a response within 2 or 3 weeks after the interview (sometimes earlier). The end of this week would place the committee at the second meeting from the time of your interview. Early decision is just that, an early decision. Without a response, you cannot apply elsewhere. You're literally locked in limbo until they say accepted or rejected and release your application through the PharmCAS portal.

While waiting, I encourage you to look at the following subforum(s) concerning the career projections in pharmacy

Job Market

Job Saturation: Is Pharmacy Worth it? Here's What You Need to Know

Good Luck


Are you applying MD or PharmD? Your past history suggests elsewhere. Early Decision process is the same all around but you might want to clarify what program you're applying to and respond back in the allopathic school forum.
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