2016 cycle: When should I expect interview invites/rejections?

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Aug 18, 2015
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-3.68c GPA, 3.8 math and sciences, 526 MCAT. Went to US news & world report top 5 LAC (for whatever those rankings are worth).
-100+ Hours of lab experience with 1 publication
- 300+ hours volunteering in an ambulance as an EMT
-100+ Hours coaching high school football
-Varsity DIII football player for 4 years
-Shadowed an oncologist 50+ Hours
-Shadowing in the OR 4o Hours
-Worked on the grants management side of a research hospital for 3 years.

Application complete August 20th, 2015 for most schools. It was late because I did not take the MCAT until July 2015 (I studied abroad spring of junior year and did not want to rush studying that following summer.)

So far, I have two interview invites, one from Duke and one from NYU. I was rejected by BU. This all occurred a few weeks ago, but I have heard nothing from any of the other 17 schools that I applied to. It seems like most people are hearing back 8 weeks from when their app was complete.

One important caveat was that I pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of negligent operation of a MV. The charges were expunged. It was definitely a dumb move by me but it was when I was a lot younger and I have matured significantly since then.

School list who have not responded:
Columbia, Yale, Dartmouth, Umich, UVM, Harvard, UVA, Vanderbilt, Mt. Sinai, Northwestern, UCSF, UCONN, UNC, my state school, Brown, USC, Cornell.

Sorry for the block of text, but my questions are:
-Should I be worried about the time it is taking for responses?
-Will the expunged misdemeanor hurt my odds?
-Is no news good news?

Thanks for the responses, I know I am probably worrying about nothing but it would be great to hear from people who had/are having experiences similar to me.

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