Medical 2017 AMCAS Advice: Upcoming Webinar Reminder

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You have just a little over a week until we go live with our upcoming med school admissions webinar, Create a Winning AMCAS Application.

Remember to register in order to access important advice that will guide you through the AMCAS application process. The AMCAS application can be confusing and difficult – the tips presented in this webinar are guaranteed to help you approach the application more effectively and efficiently, leading to your acceptance to med school!

The 2017 AMCAS app has been live for just a few weeks now. Get ahead of the curve by obtaining the tips you need to unlock your competitive advantage and give the AMCAS application your ALL.

The webinar will air live on Wednesday, May 18th at 5pm PT/8pm ET.

Grab your spot! Register for Create a Winning AMCAS Application today!

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