1. S

    Childhood Information - Frequent Moves

    *Please don't quote!* Hi all, Filling out AMCAS and came across "Childhood Information." It asks for the area where we spent the majority of our life from birth to age eighteen. The thing is, I grew up moving around a lot (non-military), and the most I have lived in places prior to 18 was...
  2. alisonbechdel

    Degree on Transcript Question

    Hello! I recently graduated, but requested my transcript after getting my spring grades and before commencement. My transcript was marked as "received" the day of commencement. Based the date of degree conferral listed on my unofficial transcript, I believe the version sent to AMCAS has my...
  3. M

    Not Applying to School on CASPER Distribution list?

    I took CASPER already and am thinking that I no longer want to apply to a school that I marked for distribution (my understanding is that you can't undo this once you've taken the test)- is this OK?
  4. D

    Questions regarding my activities description

    Hello everyone, I'm currently in the process of writing my Work/Activities section and I have some questions (I'm an international student and I have no access to any particular advising so google/reddit/SDN are my only sources of information about the process). I didn't think about the AMCAS...
  5. LindaAccepted

    Medical Early Decision for Medical School: Does It Make Sense For You?

    Do you have a dream school, the one place you’ve always wanted to study medicine, and no other school will do? Do you have a compelling reason for attending this one particular program? Maybe your spouse’s job requires them to be in this location, or your only living family member is in the...
  6. A

    Is this considered an institutional action that must be disclosed on AMCAS?

    Greetings everyone, I would like some advice regarding a potential institutional action that may or may not need to be disclosed on my AMCAS application for this 2025 cycle. So, during winter break this past year I had an electric kettle with a detachable kettle in my dorm. This kettle was...
  7. BigDawg101

    MD WAMC? 524 4.0 Applicant (College Senior on 1-Gap Year Track)

    Thank you for all the help!
  8. Ani C

    AMCAS Course Classification Questions

    I did poorly in 2 classes named "evolution of animal behavior" and "principles of evolution". By poorly, I mean I received Cs for these classes. My university does not put subject indicators in front of course codes, for example it will just say "269:304" instead of a typical "BIOL 101" for...
  9. Lawrence Ubah

    Will I be invited to an interview without all my transcripts submitted?

    I am thinking of taking an art class and 2 more classes to boost my gpa one last time. But I don’t want it to hinder my chances of getting a medical school interview. I’m not sure if medical schools require that they receive all my transcripts before they invite me for an interview?
  10. M

    Application advice from a 6-year admissions consultant

    After working with 300+ students to develop and submit their applications, I watch students do the stupidest things (e.g. “I want to write a secondary about how I grew up rich and how I’m proud of it and don’t think I should hide it” – his exact words by the way). I also witness incredible...
  11. D


  12. R

    Texas Resident WAMC/ cumulative: 3.68; sci: 3.73 (AMCAS)/ cumulative:3.72; sci: 3.79(TMDSAS)/MCAT 517.

    The reason for the lower cumulative GPA is that while I started to show an upward trend after my sophomore year, I gained 2 Fs in the summer after sophomore year. This is due to me having to go to India to care for my parents and sister because they were all hospitalized and bedridden, which...
  13. D

    Consequences with AMCAS for violating an AACOMAS acceptance

    I was just accepted to a DO school, but I am waiting to hear back from 20 other MD schools. The acceptance requires that I send a deposit and sign an agreement to attend within a few days. If I accept this agreement, but get accepted to an MD school and say yes to that one too, what will...
  14. jacob42

    Should I be worried?

    I've applied to 24 medical schools this cycle from a broad list. Using MCAT of 518, I applied to 25% of schools at <25th percentile, 50% between 25th and 75th, and 25% at >75th. So far, I've gotten 0 IIs, 0 A, and so far 6 pre-II rejections. Here is my list: R Boston University Aram V...
  15. hi.985

    Would this class count towards my science GPA (BCPM) for AMCAS & TMDSAS?

    BIOL 3318 Forensic Biology - Role and methodology of biological testing in criminal investigation and forensic science. Analysis of the procedures and methodologies employed in the collection, preservation and screening of biological evidence, and protein and DNA testing. Population genetics...
  16. M

    WAMC? Should I Apply DO or Just MD?

    Hello, I applied to 28 MD, submitting my secondaries 2-3 weeks after receiving them, so I was finished around early-mid August. I was planning on applying to 3-5 DO schools to have more options, since my stats are mid. Honestly, I was more focused on the 28 MD at the beginning of the summer and...
  17. A

    Letter of Intent guidelines

    Hello, I am wondering if there are any good guidelines to LOIs, as I am considering sending some to schools who have not responded back to me post secondaries. Granted, its still pretty early into the application cycle but I am getting a bit worried as I have not heard back from any schools...
  18. O

    WAMC MD 2023-2024 3.8, 517

    What are my chances for the 2023-2024 cycle. I applied already but have not received any interviews yet so someone on edit told me to post here. I have: MCAT: 517 (Chm/Phy : 128 CARRS: 129 Bio/Biochem: 129 Psych/Soc: 131) overall GPA: 3.8 BCPM GPA: 3.77 FL resident
  19. sheeeesh2021

    Anyone Interested In Critiquing my Personal Statement

    If so, I can share my personal statement through DMs.
  20. D

    Is the 'and lab' phrase important in prereq name?

    While filling out my first secondary, I realized that for one of my gen chem prereqs I forgot to write 'and lab' in the name (i.e. it just says "General Chemistry II ... (4 credit hours)" instead of "General Chemistry II and lab") and I'm worried schools might think I only took 1 lab semester. I...
  21. K

    Is a "O" symbol on academic record a red flag?

    My primary was just verified yesterday but I had a quick question. I had a class that was listed as Incomplete on my transcript but the professor later gave me an A+. (PI forgot to submit grades). I put it in my AMCAS shown below but AAMC put a “O” mark on it. Should I just leave it like this...
  22. A

    List of MD schools that filter for secondaries?

    Hi all! Is there by chance a list of MD schools that vet before sending secondaries? I know there are some schools that just send secondaries once verified, was wondering if there was a comprehensive list of schools that vet (and saves us a whole lotta money T__T) Thanks!
  23. A

    Do’s and Do nots for writing secondaries?

    Hello! What are some common dos and do nots for writing secondaries? From speaking with a couple folks I have: Do’s: - Begin with the in state schools - Make clear outlines to address the prompt specifically - Be specific to the med school in question Do Nots: - Copy paste from other prompts...
  24. LindaAccepted

    Medical Here’s How to Match Your Values to the Medical School Mission Statement

    Here’s How to Match Your Values to the Medical School Mission Statement While every U.S. medical school offers you an education that will prepare you for a career as a successful physician, the social mission of each school vary greatly, and you should understand these nuances before you apply...
  25. D

    Q about courses/AP credit which aren't on transcript for AMCAS

    Hello, I took some gen science courses in freshman year which I had AP credit for. I know that you are supposed to list them on the AMCAS application as repeats and then also add the corresponding AP course. However, my college official transcript doesn't list any specific AP credit on my...
  26. A

    Red Flag if LOR is for "grad school" and not medical school?

    I have some letters which are written for general "grad school admissions", not specifically med school. Would including these be a red flag? Should I prioritize letters which specify "medical school" over general letters for grad schools? Some of the grad school letters are pretty well written...
  27. Mr.Smile12

    ARTICLE PUBLISHED: Other Impactful Experiences

    Updating, the article is out
  28. A

    Academic Term for AP Credit

    Good afternoon, I'm currently inputting my course information on AMCAS and have a good number of AP credits. On my transcript, they are listed under a separate section called "Test Credit." I know that AMCAS asks you to list these as Freshman courses, but which term would I list? None of these...
  29. S

    AMCAS Transcript -- Need Help!

    I withdrew a semester and my transcript only shows "withdrawal date: xx/xx/xxxx". Classes I was enrolled in are omitted completely (I have a very good reason for withdrawing if curious). I read on past posts on sdn that I would need to request the university's registrar to forward AMCAS an...
  30. A

    MD Rec Letter Priority

    Hello, I have a handful of letters from MDs and professors, and was wondering which is better: an MD (internist) letter that is really short (basically 2 paragraphs), but positive overall or an in depth letter from a professor that is way more specific and detailed Ideally, I would be able to...
  31. ApplyPoint

    The Medical School Application: Key Tips to Consider Before you Begin Drafting the Work and Activities Section

    The AMCAS application allows for a total of 15 entries. For each entry, you will provide a description of the activity (700-characters including spaces), experience dates, and completed/anticipated hours. You will then designate three of these entries as your “most meaningful,” which will give...
  32. A

    Retaking the AAMC Preview Test? Also do I need to retake the CASPER?

    Hello, sorry if this question was asked before, but I was wondering if there is any merit in retaking a prereview test from 6/8/21 as I am planning on applying for the 2024 cycle. Also was wondering if I need to retake the casper since I took it in 2021 The percentile rank effective date is...
  33. Cracking Med Admissions

    Medical Dr. Rizal's Primary Application Office Hours TONIGHT!

    Hi Medical School Applicants! I will be hosting office hours today, Tuesday May 9, from 8-10pm EST / 6-8pm PST on our Cracking Med School Admissions website. She has lots of strategies and tips to share about all primary medical school applications: AMCAS, AACOMAS, and TMDSAS. Ask her...
  34. B

    MD & DO WAMC Florida Resident 508 MCAT/Undergrad cGPA 3.149/ Masters cGPA 3.83

    Hey everyone, I generated a school list and wanted to get any feedback I could on it. I'm a Florida resident and luckily qualified for the fee assistance program so I can apply to all the Florida schools and then 12 more schools that I match up with. I also plan to apply to DO also. I outlined...
  35. Cracking Med Admissions

    Medical May Virtual Office Hours with Dr. Rachel Rizal

    Hi Med School Applicants! The TMDSAS, AMCAS, and AACOMAS all opened this week. Exciting! We know that the medical school application process can be a daunting process. That's why we are here to help every step of the way. Dr. Rachel Rizal will be holding virtual office hours this week (5/9)...
  36. L


  37. T

    Submit AMCAS early or wait for final grade From SMP

    My AMCAS application will be complete with everything except my final grade in my special masters program by the second week of June. The class doesn’t end until July 27th, but this grade could be the difference between my gpa being a 3.57 vs 3.6. Should I submit it early or wait for the grade...
  38. A

    religiosity and secondaries

    Hello, I am currently trudging through secondaries and am curious whether or not I should talk about my faith for certain schools with jesuit/christian/catholic values such as Loyola and Georgetown. Loma Linda is quite obvious, as it blatantly wants me to talk about my involvement in church, but...
  39. ApplyPoint

    2024 AMCAS Work & Activities Section Will Include New Experience Category: Social Justice/Advocacy

    The American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) just announced that the 2024 application will include a new experience category in the Work and Activities section: Social Justice/Advocacy. AMCAS defines a social justice/advocacy experience as “one in which the applicant worked to...
  40. T

    Listing publications

    I will have 15 peer-reviewed publications by May 30th (11 first author) and I am planning to list them like this: [1st author] NAME OF PAPER. Am J Surg. PMID: xxxxxx [1st] " " [2nd] NAME OF PAPER. J Surg Res. PMID: xxxxxxx Any advice? Trying to minimize characters used since I have many to list.