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Jul 24, 2017
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for those who took the test this year! I noticed that the math material changed. so now there is no geometry or trig? can someone confirm that? i'm worried to ignore it and then end up getting something on the test.
also is there any other changes in other subjects that changed? maybe i missed? please let me know if anyone noticed changes in the 2017 guide compared to the 2016! I took the kaplan course recently and we went off 2016 guide so i'm very worried that i missed any update. anything could help thankssssss

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there will deff be trig idk about geometry
the guide for 2017 doesn't have them listed where 2016 had them listed. did you take the test this year and got trig questions? or how exactly do you know?
we would still need to know some trig for physics probably but i don't see it under the math list