1. Goro

    Goro's guide to the app process (2019 ed.)

    So application season is upon us once again. I have some tips for you. Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair. What do we Adcoms look for? People who will make good doctors and will be good students. But to be the former, you have to be the latter. Evidence for doing well in med school is...
  2. LindaAccepted

    Medical What Do You Need to Know to Get Accepted to a Physician Assistant (PA) Program?

    Your goal is to complete a top physician assistant program and move into a dynamic and exciting professional role as a PA. What are the steps you need to take to achieve this goal? What can you do to sharpen your competitive edge and get noticed from the overflowing applicant pool? What can you...
  3. LindaAccepted

    Medical What Do You Need to Know to Get Accepted to a Medical School?

    You have a goal: to get into medical school and enter the field of medicine armed with the knowledge you need to succeed as a physician. What are the steps you need to take in order to reach this goal? What can you do to boost your candidacy and get noticed by the adcom? In our new admissions...
  4. M

    Free MCAT guide from a 518 scorer

    Hi everyone! I used to be a student studying for MCAT just like you and I too often used these forums. I really struggled with MCAT as a whole but after 1000 hours of studying I was able to pull of a 518(129,129,132,128). Through all my time studying I found that that there was just so much...
  5. Sameffect

    My DAT Breakdown and Advice AA 20

    Firstly, thank you to my friends and famliy who have supported me in this long long journey and also, thank you to every one who took their time out and responded to my questions on this forum. You guys are amazing!! 3 years ago, I was a dental student in Pakistan and everything was going...
  6. P

    The Ultimate Texas MPJE Review Guide 2017

    Hi everyone, I have The Ultimate Texas MPJE Review Guide 2017 (ISBN 978-0692816028). It's in excellent condition (no highlighting, missing pages, etc.). I am an out of state grad and used it to pass the MPJE on the first try! It's on Amazon for $79. Yours for $60 + shipping.
  7. U

    Reasons for not choosing USF CoP

    I have decided to relay my experience with USF CoP to potential students and list reasons for not going to this institution. 1.) Projects that have nothing to do with clinical decisions. Most of these projects include making ridiculously themed videos that have maybe 10 seconds of valuable...
  8. P

    For Sale Brand new: AAMC The Official Guide to the MCAT Exam 4th edition

    Hello everyone. I have a copy of the AAMC official guide to the MCAT exam 4th edition. This is for MCAT2015 (the new MCAT). This guide is from AAMC and it has all the topics that will be tested on the MCAT plus some good information on how to prep for the mcat and a lot more helpful info for a...
  9. fortheloveofglasses

    2017 OAT test material change?

    for those who took the test this year! I noticed that the math material changed. so now there is no geometry or trig? can someone confirm that? i'm worried to ignore it and then end up getting something on the test. also is there any other changes in other subjects that changed? maybe i missed...
  10. Z

    OAT/DAT Study Package for Sale!

    Hello! I am selling an awesome package of OAT/DAT Study Material. The main focus is on the OAT but I do have a 2011 Copy of the DAT Destroyer along with a Mathematics section. I have the 2016 Kaplan Lesson and Review notes, flash cards, and note sheets, Princeton Review: Cracking the OAT, and a...
  11. The Recoverer

    GUIDE on FINDING A Pharmacy Technician JOB for Pre-Pharmers (for dummies)

    Depending on the area you live in, finding a pharm tech job may be easy or close to impossible. A few years ago when I decided on pharmacy, I remember the drive I had to find a job in a pharmacy as a tech, heck even as a volunteer or a shadower. Bottom line, many applicants overlook the...
  12. D

    Pearson Study guide

    Has anyone used the Pearson study guide for recent PCAT's if so is it any good? considering using it.
  13. A

    Drugs In Jordan App

    Free, offline and, fast Jordanian and International drugs searchable guide. Download it now from Google Play Drugs in Jordan is an app made by doctors and pharmacists and dedicated to doctors, pharmacists and all others in the medical field with an impressive elegant design. Features: •...
  14. E

    Engineering Student’s CDAT Breakdown (24 AA, 26 TS, 24 PAT) / Study Schedule

    Hello SDN, I spent a lot of time reading breakdowns and study advice on SDN before my DAT, so I hope I can help some future students with my own. Since most pre-dental students are from a science background, I’m hoping I can add some input from an Engineering side. DAT Breakdown: AA...
  15. RogueBanana

    RogueBanana's Guide to Undergraduate Research

    Hey Everyone! I see a lot of people asking about how to "get in" to research as an undergrad, well fear not! Your good buddy RogueBanana has made a guide just for you! So Roguey, how do I find a spot as a research assistant? I'm glad you asked! 1- Ask A Professor So there are a lot of ways...
  16. R

    Canadian DAT Study Help

    Hey guys! I'm planning to take the Canadian DAT in Nov 2016. I have not started to study yet :vomit: Just now I am researching what materials I will need to study. Study materials that I'm planning to use are: Chem: Chads videos (on coursesaver), DAT Destroyer. Bio: CliffsAP Bio, and Feralis...
  17. S

    MCAT Content Review Need Advice!!

    Hey, so I'm writing my exam on August 5th, and I'm using Examkrackers 9th edition as my main source for content review. I have looked through the schedules of others and sort of formulated my own (started studying 2nd week of May). I've so far managed to fall behind in my study schedule. I feel...
  18. The10thDentist

    NBDE Part 1 - Dental Decks Breakdown & Tips

    Here's a breakdown I put together for Dental Decks 2013-2014. It's a "14-day" schedule that a classmate shared with me and I made a few modifications and improvements. You can stretch it out to as many days as you want, it's just organized by topics rather than subjects. I found it easier to...
  19. J

    A 3 Month Plan for the MCAT

    Presented here is a 3 month plan to tackle the new 2015 MCAT. June is almost here, and I have received many requests for the same advice (i.e. "how do I study for the new MCAT?"). I'm writing this in the same spirit that the SN2 Guide to the older MCAT was written. However, I am not posting a...
  20. P

    Pugs' MMI Interview Strategy

    In light of receiving an acceptance to NYMC recently, I decided to share the MMI strategy that I used in hopes that it can help you with your upcoming MMI interview. I created this strategy from reading over many different threads, posts, and websites to compile all of the things I thought were...
  21. P

    Florida MPJE Review Material

    Hello Everyone, I am in Dire need of finding Fl MPJE review material so that i may take the exam. Anyone with any idea or materials or where i can find/buy materials or even studying tips which helped them pass the exam which you can provide would be more than greatly appreciated please PM me...
  22. D

    For Sale ABIM Internal Medicine STUDY MATERIAL FOR SALE

    Start studying early to ensure you will PASS ABIM 2016. More than 50% off retail price MedStudy: Internal Medicine Review Core Curriculum 15th edition: 5 books, 780+ pages, plus Studyguide and shelf case Very good condition $100 Don’t waste thousands of dollars preparing for this exam...
  23. H

    PCAT Dr. Collins (All Updates) & Kaplan 2015-16

    I'm selling the pcat dr. Collins with Fall 2014, January 2015, July 2015 updates for $120 The kaplan book has no markings in it the reference sheets were pulled out but still there. $40 Price can be negotiated Dr. Collins is pdf form Kaplan is a textbook