2023-2024 MD/PhD Interview format question

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Oct 14, 2011
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Hi everyone,

Has information been made public about how MSTP interviews are going to be conducted? It may help having a summary of how things work for those who are newbies and noting any post-pandemic changes in procedure for this year. I don't know if MSAR does a great job with this information.

  1. Are your MD/PhD programs doing virtual, in-person, or hybrid?
  2. If your MD program requires or recommends SJT's like Acuity Insights Casper/Duet, PREview, SVI, or Kira Talent (among other technologies), does this factor into MD/PhD screening or consideration (for interview or for decision)?
  3. Any changes to the interviewing and second-look calendar?
Thanks in advance!

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1. Most MD/PhD programs will be conducting virtual interviews with in-person second visits.
2. Majority of MD/PhD programs ignore the data out of SJT's, however, their medical schools might or might not require one of them.
3. The National MD/PhD google calendar will be running/updated late in Aug. or early Sep.
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