2024-2025 VA Post Doc in PTSD/ Trauma

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Jan 6, 2024
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I am in middle of interviewing for several VA post-docs in PTSD/ Trauma tracks and looking to gather some information regarding sites, reputations, etc. It seems most of the shared information out there is related to internship level. Are there any resources, spreadsheets, forums, threads, discussions, etc. that might have information about specific sites, programs?

I am particularly interested in the following sites if anyone has any insider knowledge :)

VA Boston
Salt Lake City VA
Minneapolis VA
Durham VA
Cincinnati VA
Houston VA

Thanks and good luck to my fellow post doc applicants!

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I’ve heard positive things overall about each facility you listed and would have general confidence in their ability to provide good training.

However, VA is experiencing significant site by site challenges in the past couple of years related to hiring/retention and patient loads that dwarf provider capacity, which may or may not play a role in training at these sites.

The biggest being faculty members who leave for other positions during a training year and general clinical pressures that may work their way down to trainees (which a good program will attempt to shield trainees from).

Pre-COVID, VA jobs had way less turnover but between increased tele options (both in and outside of VA) and the fact that probably every VA provider who has been in the system over the past half decade will agree that it’s a more challenging system to work in today due to demand for services & mounting political pressures.

Sites that have smaller PCT teams or less members on the faculty would be prone to disruption to such departures.

Sites where political mandates are enforced more heavily from admin will likely have less positive work cultures.

I still enjoy working for VA, think we generally do great training and am not looking to leave anytime soon.

But if you know anybody who currently or has recently been at one of these sites (even if it’s not for PTSD), I would reach out to them and try to get the low down on how things are functioning and what type of work culture & environment you’re stepping into. Good luck!
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I've also heard mostly good things about those sites, especially Minneapolis. Cincinnati is going to be VERY CPT-based, so I would make sure you want training in that protocol.
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