235 NBME 6, 6 weeks before exam

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Feb 6, 2016
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I just wanted to ask around what would other people do if they were in my shoes.

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Do NBME 7 a week later, then UWSA closer to the exam. If I were you I wouldn't be worried. Just keep doing questions and focus on weak points

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I just wanted to ask around what would other people do if they were in my shoes.
Step 2 is pretty unpredictable. Where in Step 1, I would say NBME/UWSA are within 10 point plus or minus, I would say Step 2 NBME/UWSA are 20 points plus or minus.

I scored 20 points higher than my best NBME. I'm not saying that happens with everyone. I think it can go both ways. I was just very fortunate.
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I would agree that there is no real good predictor for Step 2 like there is for Step 1. My NBME and Uworld practice exams were routinely 30-40 points lower (using their comparison chart) then my final CK score
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Ok everyone, thanks for the info. I guess there'll always have to be a risk taken. I'm taking step 2 before 1 so that's why I'm a bit unsure. My goal is 250+

I do not think I would NOT do another NBME, however. Would anyone recommend either NBME 4 or 7?
So guys, I did NBME 4 as well and got 237. Not much improvement between the 2 scores, but almost 3 weeks of focused studying in between. Do you still stand by your suggestion of going through with it?