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Jul 14, 2006
hey guys, i'm new to this SDN site/board, and could use some feedback on my chances from you experts out there...

graduated from a top 5 school in May
cumulative gpa:3.1-3.2
science gpa: 3.2-3.3
mcat: 32
freshman/soph year were rocky, but jr and sr year much better, with the exception of a couple grades.

have 3 research experiences, 1 intl volunteer work, 2-3 leadership positions, 1 clinical volunteer work, natl dean's list 1 semester...during this year i'm working at the NIH, while working on apps...i had seriously considered applying to the georgetown post bacc pgm but then got the NIH job offer. maybe i should have?

any thoughts?? would be muuch appreciated!!


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Jan 6, 2004
Somewhere in the middle of nowhere.
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What was your major? What kind of uptrend did you have? Your GPA is the most worrisome aspect of your application, however everything else seems really good. I would give it a shot but take the postbacc program. This way, if you don't get in this year, you are ready for next year's application cycle with improved grades. Don't freak out too much about your GPA. Your MCAT score implies you are smart enough for med school, you just need to prove you have the dedication and focus to get the good grades for it. A post-bacc would be perfect for you.
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