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Sep 20, 2003
New Jersey
    Which schools do you think I should be applying (a.k.a. where do I have a shot) to this cycle with my 3.1-3.2 and 32R from JHU? I plan on doing the Georgetown SMP next year (good plan or no?). Thanks in advance for your help guys!


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    Nov 25, 2002
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      gpa is low...mcat is high...

      undergrad is excellent...

      if the rest of you application is strong then....id say apply to a lot of schools...upper middle and lower tier schools.

      does your gpa show an upward progression? is your gpa that low cause of a bad first year or something? any hardships?

      isnt the smp a crapload of money whose success rate is not as good as one thinks it might be?

      just typing the things that are circling the brain...didnt want to seem like i was attacking smp...just the feelings i got when i read about those threads long ago.


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      Apr 28, 2003
        I think a 3.2 from JHU is pretty respectable. IMO that's just as good as a 3.5 from most other schools. You have a pretty good shot of getting a straight acceptance without any extra programs. I'm saying this assuming you have decent ec's and LOR's. If I were you I'd apply to Drexel, Tulane, NYMC, Saint Louis U, plus any other schools that are appealing to you.
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        Oct 16, 2003
          Yeah, I wouldn't worry about your 3.2, especially since you went to JHU.

          they take into consideration the academic reputation of your undergrad school. Otherwise I'd feel kinda ******ed paying so much money for a prestigious private school when I could have gone to a much cheaper "easier" school.

          If I were you, I'd try to focus on the ECs and letters of recs. Free clinic, hands-on experiences would be great. Super personalized letters of rec from professors whom you did research with would be fantastic.

          Oh and if for some reason something happened in your life that made it hard for you to not get A's and B's one semester, definitely add a letter about that in your secondary application.

          Good luck!


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          Jun 22, 2003
            ive heard both good and bad things about the georgetown SMP program. it sounds like you are competitive presently, but why not look into taking one year of classes post-bac. at your state school. you would save tons of money and you would definitely do well.


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            May 19, 2003
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              we've talked before.
              there are plenty of kids from the Hop that got in with your numbers. Your MCAT is obviously fine. The SMP makes no gaurantees. Also, I found after going there that it wasnt the school for me, which made the whole year a little less than useful for me. I had a GPA lower than yours and getting a MPH from my state school did more for me than anything. 30k in the long run, to be a doctor, isnt bad at all. Remember though that there are certain schools that take many SMP students, and be sure you'd be happy going to those schools (Drexel, NYMC, SLU, Finch). Other schools are a crapshoot.

              Oh yeah, I learned on the interview trail that the JHU name will give you a small boost too! Good luck.


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              Jul 14, 2002
              HAAAR-vard of the West
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                Hey Camish,

                If I were in your shoes. I would go to GT SMP, kick a$$, apply the June of next year (as long as your MCAT does not expire), and I think you have a good shot at a great school. I am in a similar situation. But if I don't apply again this June, I have to retake my MCAT. BTW, did you hear anything back from GT SMP. I emailed them and they said "allow 3 weeks" on 3/8. Hopefully I will hear back from them this week.


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                Nov 20, 2003
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                  I haven't taken the MCAT yet, but my gpa is in the same boat. I am hoping for a higher mcat score to balance it out. have you applied yet? if so where


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                  Nov 30, 2003
                  Charleston, SC
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                    similar situation:

                    i am a junior at JHU and have a 3.3 with a 31Q. one premed advisor told me very seriously to be worried about getting in anywhere. granted 3.3 is below average, but i've worked hella hard to get that and was scared to hear that the GPA component of the app could keep me out altogether.

                    granted the other application materials are important, but concerning GPA, just how important is it in your opinions?

                    i was hoping someone could let me know if upward trend is important (from 3.0 frosh year to 3.5 last semester) and if difficulty of coursework is considered seriously in the considereation of a GPA?

                    thanks for any input, i'm worried that my GPA will point blant rule me out at many med schools. any success stories would help a bit, i'm currently a bit daunted by the whole thing and am worried not to get in.
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